ANDERSEN is a retail bakery with about 60 stores nationwide. Since its establishment in 1948, the company has strived to contribute toward better eating habits for our customers through promoting the enjoyment of a lifestyle with bread.

A store that embodies that idea, and the flagship store of the ANDERSEN Group is Hiroshima ANDERSEN, which opened as the first store in 1967. The “ANDERSEN” takes its name from the famous Danish fairy-tale author Hans Christian Andersen. The name carries our wishes to deliver happiness to people through bread, just as Andersen's fairy tales bring hopes and dreams to readers all over the world. Hiroshima ANDERSEN is a bakery that also offers deli food, wine and flowers to enrich a table with bread.

We offer a wide variety of freshly baked breads, such as breads made with leavening with apple specially grown on a group-owned farm and Danish pastries that continue to maintain the traditional Danish taste.

What values are important to your company?

“We value our corporate philosophy. ANDERSEN's corporate philosophy is based on the background of founder's establishment of the company in the early post-war period, and his principle that businesses are all begun by amateurs to take on new challenges. Our company core values which include safety, security and employee education are all defined and what we always look back as a guideline. We want to provide products that help our customers’ lives, not only by making and selling high quality bread, but also by contributing toward good eating habits.

President, Kazuhiko Minami
Hiroshima ANDERSEN

Q. What are you recently focused on or what new ideas do you have for the future?

Our current biggest theme is how we can express the “ANDERSEN-like” features. In April of this year, we launched “Farmer’s Bread”, a series of breads adopting leaven cultivated with apple juice, which was harvested in the group-owned farm. We seek to nurture with care this product category as it has only just introduced. The group's flagship store, Hiroshima ANDERSEN, will renewal open in August 2020. It is a store brings the ideals of the Andersen Group into reality to support the lives of our customers through the culture of bread. We will continue to work on this project to make it attractive which hopefully many people will visit.

Q. Do you have any memories from working with LUMINE that you would like to share?

LUMINE is dedicated in employee training and as a company, support each and every employee so that they can do their best performance. LUMINE has shown us their vision and passion through their customer service contest which we sympathize with and have learned a lot from.

Q. Do you have any messages to your overseas customers/companies?

Our founder stumbled upon Danish pastry during a visit in 1959 and ever since, Denmark has been a key inspiration for our company. ANDERSEN also operates a store in the land of Denmark, in hopes of giving back to the country that through various exchanges, has taught us so much.

In addition, we have “Andersen Bakery & Cafe”, “Andersen Bread” and “Grain D’or” brands in the United States. We are also extending the brand of group, “LITTLE MERMAID” in Hong Kong, China and Thailand. We hope to be a company that brings happiness to the table through products that add value to customers lives in overseas countries as well.

Farmer’s Bread