The DIANA Group has more than 100 stores in metropolitan Tokyo and other major cities throughout Japan. The uniqueness of Diana lies in the fact that each store is used as a base for marketing, which is a fundamental policy of the company. Diana's greatest advantage is that the company is driven by employees who cooperate in a wide range of fields such as products, sales, store operations and systems that accurately catch and reflect customer needs in stores.

Women’s shoes are a significant part of a well coordinated look. For that reason, it is essential to create products fine-tuned in design, function and comfort. At the same time, a sharp sense is required for store management and services, branding and other areas as well. It is our immutable mission to express and disseminate the wonders of Diana, and ultimately propose ways for women to take part in the bikyaku (beautiful legs) culture.

What values are important to your company?

We hope to add color to consumer lives through fashion. To achieve this, the most significant thing is the capability to cope with change by catching and analyzing trends sensitively and taking action.

DIANA CO.,LTD. President
Ikuo Takahashi
DIANA Harajuku

Q. What are you recently focused on or what new ideas do you have for the future?

Wearing new fashion pieces can raise your mood. We propose customers with new encounters and new experiences through our Diana products. We believe that the fashion businesses that provide such excitement, will continue to grow. While Diana is focused on enhancing its EC business, we are always dedicated in delivering delight to customers through physical stores. In response to the more casual lifestyle trend, we will promote our brand portfolio while also developing new brands to expand our core target. Moving forward, we hope to continue working on new businesses with LUMINE which offers the best platform.

Q. Do you have any messages to your overseas customers/companies?

We are engaged in product planning and sales of ladies' shoes and handbags that are original designs and made in Japan. I hope women around the world enjoy the new sense of Japanese fashion that “DIANA” and “ADINA MUSE” offers. At the same time, we take pride in the design, texture and functionality of our products, as well as fitting technology and styling proposals. We will continue to offer the pleasures of live customer service that can only be experienced in stores. We hope to provide a “new you” and “new experiences” through our stores within LUMINE.

Q. Do you have any memories from working with LUMINE that you would like to share?

The theme for the LUMINEST competition[1], “Stores are the base to excite customers!”, matches our company's customer service mindset. It is wonderful that LUMINE works with partner companies to improve customer service technology and provide exciting experiences.

In autumn of 2018, we launched a jointly developed brand “ADINA MUSE”. It was realized with LUMINE’s strong passion to ‘continue to provide unique value to customers.’ It was a business model that would not have happened without the efforts of LUMINE.

[1] Each year, LUMINE hosts a customer service role-playing contest and selects the best-of-the-best attendants from LUMINE tenant shops.