Founded in 1973, PAL Group Holdings Company conducts planning, manufacturing and retailing of women’s and men's apparel, and life style goods. Through the company’s mission of "Contributing to society through new proposals of fashion life" and its philosophy of "Management for the happiness of all employees and shareholders", PAL GROUP Holdings targets a broad demographic based on its values of independence and self-motivation to develop and operate a diverse range of over 50 brands with about 1,000 physical stores as well as e-commerce. The group manages young casual brands such as “CIAOPANIC”, “mystic”, “Kastane” and “who’s who Chico”, work style wear for careered women brands such as “GALLARDAGALANTE”, “Drawing Numbers” and “Loungedress”, family brands such as “CIAOPANIC TYPY”, the bag brand “russet” and the home accessories brand “3COINS”.

What values are important to your company?

To realize the happiness of our shareholders, employees and customers we value our contribution to society.

PAL GROUP Holdings CO., LTD. President
Ryuya Inoue

Q. Do you have any memories from working with LUMINE that you would like to share?

When I was serving as an executive of 3COINS, the home accessories brand, almost products are 300 yen, LUMINE shed light on the early phase of 3COINS. We received the honorable location of the main floor of LUMINE Omiya for our new store, which led to where the brand is today. Now, 3COINS became one of the most popular brands in our company.

Q. Do you have any messages to your overseas customers/companies?

As a company that values the face-to-face experience, we take pride in the excellence of our staff. If you have the opportunity to come to Japan, we hope you visit our stores to experience the service of our staff. Even in the digital age, we are dedicated in delivering a great experience for our customers in stores that will exceed expectations.

Drawing Numbers NEWoMan Shinjuku