BEAMS is a lifestyle retailer and a community of cultural arbiters that has led Tokyo fashion for 40 years. Established 1976 in Harajuku, Tokyo, BEAMS originally dubbed itself an 'American Life Shop'. A pioneer of lifestyle retailing, BEAMS has since developed numerous labels to encompass an ever evolving array of styles and trends. BEAMS shops are finely curated with an international selection of designer pieces and original brand products. Now with more than 150 shops across Japan and Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing and Bangkok, BEAMS has grown into a major lifestyle retailer with businesses in fashion, home furnishing, arts, cafe and dining.

What values are important to your company?

"'Happy Life Solution Company' is a phrase we use, as we want to be a company that makes not just employees but everyone happy!"

BEAMS Co., Ltd. President
Yo Shitara

Q. Do you have any memories from working with LUMINE that you would like to share?

Our company began with our flagship stores and we have been representing street culture, so many of our employees had the perception that they needed to be cool. After opportunities of taking part in LUMINE’s customer role playing contest LUMINEST, our employees have learned the beauty of a confident smile and the joy of working together.

Q. Do you have any messages to your overseas customers/companies?

Japan is wonderful! The sensitivity, craftsmanship and the hospitality of the people. Through our many years of experience introducing overseas items, we have come to realize the beauty of Japan and hope to communicate that moving forward. We hope to use our knowledge of the wonderful aspects of both Japan and overseas and contribute to further cultural exchange opportunities.

Demi-Luxe BEAMS LUMINE Shinjuku LUMINE 1
BEAMS Taipei