We value our foresight and creativity which has helped us to create new values in new consumer markets in Japan. H.P.FRANCE currently operates a store and an art gallery in New York, 82 stores and an art gallery in Japan, as well as an appointment-only atelier boutique in Paris. In addition, we have expertise in wholesales, e-commerce and PR activities. Our products are creations, and we bring these creations from around the world to Japan as well as high-quality products of Japan to the world. Our corporate activities are based on what is 'valuable to society' and what 'leads to evolution'.

What values are important to your company?

"Based on our company philosophy, we focus on 'being creative' 'being global' and 'how people live'"

Takanao Muramatsu
A H.P.FRANCE flagship store "destination"

Q. What are you recently focused on or what new ideas do you have for the future?

HPF's publishing business “roomservice” is launching a new Creative City Culture Guide “roomservice PaToNe” project. It is a global website that covers the creative industries of Paris, Tokyo and New York as well as other cities around the world, while further expanding the H.P.FRANCE community’s global reach. The website will introduce designers and blogs, stores, museums, restaurants and cafes selected by creators/designers of each city, along with various other information. (To launch in September 2017)

Q. Do you have any memories from working with LUMINE that you would like to share?

LUMINE and H.P.FRANCE NY Inc. collaborated in hosting “New York New Work” at LUMINE's cultural exchange venue LUMINE 0 in February 2017. The exhibition explored how New York's creative world has evolved since 9/11

Life style store 'H.P.DECO'
Fashion tradeshow "rooms"