ALBION was founded with the dream of becoming “the world’s most prestigious brand” in 1956; a time when "luxury items" did not exist. The brand creates highly distinctive products and is dedicated to serving customers face-to-face in stores such as department stores and beauty product retailers. In addition to the ALBION skincare and base make-up collection which delivers radiant and translucent skin, the brand offers the prestigious European brand “Elégance”, the “IGNIS” brand which focuses on natural ingredients, San Francisco’s luxury botanical brand “INFIORE”, fashion brands “ANNA SUI” and “PAUL & JOE” cosmetics, and “Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE” created with the Parisian patisserie brand.

What values are important to your company?

"Our highly distinctive products as well as customer service, in which we are dedicated to introducing the best products by checking our customer’s skin firsthand. In addition, we value the people who are involved in these processes and are constantly striving to add value to these luxury items."

ALBION Co., Ltd. The President and Chief Executive Officer
Shoichi Kobayashi

Q. What are you recently focused on or what new ideas do you have for the future?

With one laboratory at the foot of Akita prefecture’s world heritage Shirakami-Sanchi and another in Sri Lanka, we are able to grow and research medicinal plants that are used as ingredients. We also work closely with university research institutions to develop products that adopt the latest technologies, as well as manufacture products at our own plants. We hope to continue focusing on these three factors that differentiate us to create highly distinctive products.

Q. Do you have any messages to your overseas customers/companies?

ALBION was established in Japan and we are committed to maintaining our Japanese mindset when we develop products as well as serve customers. We hope to bring happiness and delight to all women by creating unique and innovative products that give results you can feel on your own skin and dedicate to serving every customer face-to-face with special care inspiring them to visit us again.