2016 Spring/Summer Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Brand Highlights

Many emerging brands were seen at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Here are a few that are particularly gaining attention.

PLASTICTOKYO by designer Keisuke Imazaki made its runway debut this season. Since the brand’s 2013 Spring/Summer debut, Opening Ceremony (NY/LA) has been a continuous buyer, and more recently specialty stores such as H. Lorenzo (US), shine (Hong Kong), KOON (Seoul) and OVERTURE (Taiwan) have been carrying the brand, making it a big success. The common perception among overseas buyers is that it is "a brand that represents what Tokyo is all about". The brand currently has 10 global accounts and 15 stores. At the show, the brand showcased a layered style which effectively used color. As the brand features unisex designs, the female models wore oversized tops, and the shorts and shirts in the collection were easily wearable by both men and women. Designer Keisuke Imazaki commented, "The fashion at music festivals hasn’t changed much since Woodstock (end of 1960’s) so I came up with ideas of how I would update it".

The women’s collection by CHRISTIAN DADA and men’s collection by DISCOVERED, are two that were also noteworthy. CHRISTIAN DADA is a Japanese brand that has an exceptionally high overseas sales ratio of 70%. In 2014, the brand received funding from D’League, one of Singapore’s top companies, and has been promoting both domestically and globally since then to drive up brand awareness. The dresses and skirts that appeared at the show alongside a live piano performance, had long silhouettes and volume. The pieces that effectively used delicate lace, were well-balanced and had a high quality finish. The items that used layered embroidery were able to give off a delicate impression rather than a rough feel. The theme of the collection was "BALLAD".

The men’s brand DISCOVERED has been successful in reattaining over 30 buyers every season while continuously making appearances at shows. At each show the brands sees a full audience with many media and buyers unable to gain access. As layering long shirts with light coats and jackets has become the standard, the brands styling technique is top class in the Tokyo men’s fashion category. The show’s highlights were the styles with all white layers and looks that used red detail in key pieces. The oversized shorts were made of light fabrics and did not seem bulky or heavy. From their overall reasonable price tags to their expansion of accessories and outerwear to appeal to a wider age range, designers Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida both seem committed to expanding the brand.