Women who shine for our future #33

Mina Tabei, Art Director

Opening the Door to Hope and Possibilities with New Graphics

Mina Tabei is an art director and graphic designer who is gaining recognition for her minimalistic, stylish designs. Her areas of work range from fashion and art advertisements to bookbinding, logo creation, and packaging design.

“Since I was a teenager, I’ve been attracted to the beautiful advertisements around the city. Eventually, I came to realize that advertisements are a medium that connects the culture of somewhat underground movies and art with the general public, which really intrigued me in the industry.”

Her style, made of simple graphics such as circles, triangles, and straight lines, comes from the aesthetic vision of creating cool things with only shapes and colors that everyone has seen. In her solo exhibition “LIGHT and FIGURE” held in 2018, everyday materials available at home improvement stores such as acrylic boards, mirrors, and wood pieces were arranged and illuminated to create graphics with the light, shadows, and reflections of these objects.

“I proposed a new graphic expression which included areas beyond the reach of humans, in which shadows are inevitably created when there is light. I think that natural phenomena have a preciousness and absolute beauty that are unrivaled by artificial ones.”

Tabei aspires to continue applying her talent in various fields such as social welfare.

“Although advertisements are seen by many, I find it is important to create things with the mindset of reaching the heart of each individual. In other words, it’s actually a personal one-on-one experience. Even if only one person appreciates it, I would be happy if I can bring positivity, hope, or joy to that person through my work.”

Mina Tabei was born in 1977 in Saitama prefecture. After graduating from Musashino Art University Junior College, Tabei worked as a distributor for the import camera “LOMO” before joining KAZUNARI HATTORI INC. in 2003. She began working freelance from 2006 and participated in the creative atelier “kvina” in 2009, until establishing MINA TABEI DESIGN in 2014.

2. Tabei’s work includes the art direction of the Hatagaya confectionery shop “Equal” logo
3. Her graphics at Ginza Sony Park’s “#009 WALKMAN IN THE PARK” in summer 2019
4. Part of her solo exhibition “LIGHT and FIGURE”
5. Tomoyo Harada's album “L’Heure Bleue” expressing a world of melancholy and deep sound with blue light

Tabei has created the visuals for LUMINE's Valentine's Day and White Day since 2019.

© Ginza Sony Park
Photo: Masaki Ogawa