2020 LUMINE Christmas Campaign

“MERRY GOOD JOB! Let's praise ourselves.”

LUMINE’s Christmas campaign “MERRY GOOD JOB! Let's praise ourselves" will be running at LUMINE locations from Tuesday, November 17th to Friday, December 25th, 2020.

In 2020, unprecedented changes took place, transforming the lives of everyone. The theme of "MERRY GOOD JOB! Let's praise ourselves.", comes from the hope that everyone will make this Christmas a time to praise each other for their efforts this year. We hope to encourage people to give each other gratitude and praise by saying "GOOD JOB!" this Christmas of 2020.

Looking back on this year, LUMINE will offer unique content, decorations, and events, such as mini gifts from Santa, in hopes of delivering an exciting Christmas season that is unique to 2020.


1. Special Movie
"MERRY GOOD JOB! SPECIAL MOVIE" features 24 women who spent their drastically changed-days with positivity. Before production, LUMINE conducted online interviews with more than 50 women, asking them how they spent the past year, and later filming them. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into how these women spent their 2020 filled with ideas and ingenuity.

YouTube URL (Japanese only): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_1w0n8KnQc

2. Instagram AR Filter
“MERRY GOOD JOB! Instagram Filter”
Using face recognition with Instagram's AR filter, create a self-animation that applauds you with clapping hands syncing with the original background music. Share your creations on Instagram Stories and Twitter, for a little extra praise for yourself this Christmas.

3. Original Short Movie
Every 2020 camera roll is surely packed with photos that illustrate our days filled with changes during this unique year. "MERRY GOOD JOB! MY Movie" released on Thursday, December 3, allows you to create an original short movie using your photos, with a song to liven up the Christmas mood. We hope your movie will help you look back on this 2020 year with a little holiday cheer and gratitude for those you love.

4. AR Message Card
“Pop-up Message Card”
From Thursday, December 3, customers who make a purchase at each LUMINE location using a LUMINE card will receive a pop-up message card. Hold the illustration side of the message card over the camera using the Instagram app filter and see a GOOD JOB! message appear. We hope you enjoy Christmas with LUMINE at home.

* Purchases made at food and beverage stores are not eligible
* Purchases made at NEWoMan locations are not eligible
* Offer valid while supplies last
* Requires the latest version of Instagram app

5. A Gift from Santa Event
A huge spherical object surrounded by Christmas trees will appear in LUMINE Shinjuku. Santa Claus on a sleigh flies around the globe, celebrating you for your hard work this year and presenting you with a mini gift. The experience is offered with each purchase of 5,000 yen or more (incl. tax) at LUMINE Shinjuku during the event period.

Various other events will take place at LUMINE/NEWoMan locations. Please check the campaign website for details.