OUCHI TABI-LUMINE meets Sado Island

- A new kind of journey for when you someday travel -

“OUCHI TABI-LUMINE”, a new initiative of the “TABI-LUMINE” project that connects people with the charms of Japanese regions, has been launched. The initiative proposes a new traveling style, where participants can discover the local people and fascinating sites remotely before ever taking an actual trip. The first of the series, “OUCHI TABI-LUMINE meets Sado Island,” was held on Sunday, September 6, 2020.

Through this ‘preparation trip’ for when you someday travel, participants can discover their favorite place on Sado Island and connect with charming locals through lively conversations, hopefully leading to an actual visit to Sado Island.

Rather than sightseeing being the main purpose of travel, in a time of a global pandemic where it is difficult to travel or go out, meeting with locals actively creates a sense of richness, connects cities to local regions, and establishes relationships which are key in making us want to visit again and again. TABI-LUMINE, which promotes “Engaging with local people through travel: people tourism”, plans and produces “OUCHI TABI-LUMINE” in hopes to offer a realistic trip that everyone can enjoy.

To maximize the excitement of traveling, participants received a Travel Box packed with seven Sado specialties delivered to their own homes. Based on the Travel Box contents, participants virtually head to Sado Island for a full five-hour experience, which includes onigiri tasting, free time to wander around the island, a brewery observation, and a demonstration and performance of the world-famous Kodō.

49 people participated in the event held on Sunday, September 6, 2020. One participant commented, “It was a nice opportunity to speak with various people. Although it was an online experience, I enjoyed it very much, especially when there was a sense of unity with all the participants during the Kodō part. I am planning to buy a guidebook as soon as the event is over!” Another mentioned, “It was a lot of fun. I’m thrilled that I was able to connect with the people of Sado through this virtual trip, and I now have a reason to visit.”

The second OUCHI TABI-LUMINE will be held on Sunday, November 29, 2020, in Nakanojo Town, Gunma Prefecture.