LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2019-2020 The Award Winner’s Exhibition

LUMINE Co., Ltd. has been dedicated in its activities under the "LUMINE meets ART PROJECT" (LMAP), a project that proposes ‘everyday life with art’. The artwork of two winners and four artists nominated by the notable judges of the "LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2019-2020 (LMAA)—an art award open to the public that aims to discover and support artists by exhibiting their work in LUMINE and NEWoMan facilities—will be on display at the "LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2019-2020 The Award Winner's Exhibition". From Tuesday, September 15 to Wednesday, September 30, 2020, the artwork was showcased in six window displays around the Shinjuku area. A total of 433 entries were submitted for the LMAA. The panel of judges who select the winning pieces are members active in both the domestic and overseas art scene, and include gallerist Tomio Koyama, who works in the forefront of modern art and is known for discovering world famous artists, Masamichi Toyama, President and CEO of Smiles Co., Ltd., who shares new creative-driven values across industry boundaries, Shuji Nagai, creative director of TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS, and Ikuko Kato, chief gallery curator of Wacoal Art Center / Spiral.

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“Kansōchitai no Gairo Kōkoku” by Asako Fujikura

• Concept
Electric signboards, banners, and street advertisements that keep shining on the streets of dry land. Each broadcasts or announces the living scenes of a group of people of the same region, or on the other side of the horizon in an area off the map. Advertisement goods and industrial products that were produced and placed on the street will continue to function without declaring to whom or until when. The scenery within the imagery may be of a place behind the fence or at the end of the water pipe in the wall. Products that leave the hands of humans, expand and build colonies in places where things stand up to be acknowledged.

• Judge’s Comments
Shuji Nagai, Creative Director of TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS
“What will people feel when they see an inanimate film made with computer graphics, showing no people nor creatures, in a window display in the first or second busiest area of Shinjuku, in the middle of Tokyo? Will they feel like the world is ending? Or will they feel the future? This piece will make you want to stop and watch, and leave a strong impression.”

• A Message from the Artist
The shape and texture of many things, such as everyday industrial products and infrastructure-related items, are processed in our memory and we faintly recognize their existence. I hoped to portray the moment that things stand up to be acknowledged.

• Artist Profile
Born in 1992, Fujikura graduated from the Department of Film and New Media, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. Her work depicts industrial products and infrastructure that acquire independence and exercise freedom. Her work shows a city where tools are stripped from the tools and forgotten on a daily basis. Her work was chosen as a Jury Selection of the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival.

“Tensei Animals” by KOHSUI

• Concept
The pieces created were inspired by the artist’s desire to transform into wild animals. Costumes made by the artist herself, will be exhibited along with pieces that attempt to transform everyday figurines to include the freshness, wildness, and dignity of wild animals. At the root of the artwork, is the desire to transform and be released from identity and social constraints, as well as anger against our irresponsibility as humans on environmental issues. By transforming into fictional images of animals, the artist hopes to evoke resistance to reconsider the relationship between nature and humans, or the difficulties of modern society.

• Judge’s Comments
Masamichi Toyama, President and CEO of Smiles Co., Ltd.
“Dressed in the cuteness of modern Tokyo, but stuck with feelings of frustration and resistance. When the costume comes off, what and where will the person inside be fighting against, and with what kind of facial expression?”

• A Message from the Artist
My work was created while thinking about the relationship between human society and nature and other creatures. As the current pandemic is shaking society, I believe that thinking about the relationship between humans and nature will become more meaningful than ever. I hope to continue to work on this theme in more depth.

• Artist Profile
Sculptor. Under the themes of "transformation" and "wilderness", Kohsui tries to pass on the beauty of nature or evoke the wild beauty of the wilderness through her creations.

Recommended Artists
Tomoki Kurokawa
Aya Ito
Ruri Clarkson
Koichiro Azuma

1. Artwork by grand prix winner Asako Fujikura
2. Artwork by second grand prix winner KOHSUI
3. Artwork by recommended artist Aya Ito
4. Artwork by recommended artist Tomoki Kurokawa
5. Artwork by recommended artist Ruri Clarkson
6. Artwork by recommended artist Koichiro Azuma