Women who shine for our future #29

Mariko Kobayashi, Sleep and Bathing Specialist

Spreading the Importance of Sleep for Modern-day Stress Relief

Night-care advisor Mariko Kobayashi aims to help improve lifestyle habits focusing on sleep and bathing. She realized the importance of sleep and bathing in her early twenties, after overworking herself in a sales position and experiencing both mental and physical distress so severe that she would hyperventilate during her commute.

“When I was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction, my boss told me to take a break. I took a long bath for the first time in a while, slept extremely well and woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly amazing. That is when I realized I could regulate my autonomic nervous system by making changes to my lifestyle.”

To help women with similar concerns, Kobayashi immersed herself in studies about sleep, aromatherapy, yoga, etc., and opened the lifestyle enhancement salon “Flura”. Through the salon, she has helped a total of 2000 women. Most of these women have changed their lifestyle habits, and as a result, they have been able to resolve various concerns about their personality, body shape, love life, and relationships.

“This shows the profound effect our lifestyle habits have on us. In other words, my job is to care for the life of other people. My responsibility is significant, but I feel joy as each person feels better.”

Kobayashi continues to stay updated on the latest studies regarding sleep and the autonomic nervous system, while providing individual guidance through her salon, seminars, and writing.

“When compared to other countries, the duration of sleep for Japanese people is relatively short, and the sleep of working women is particularly short. Logical thinking is nurtured by sleep, so with a higher quality of sleep, academic abilities of children and labor productivity improves, and medical expenses can be reduced. I hope to spread awareness and knowledge on the importance of sleep, and will continue my efforts in doing so.”

Kyoto native Mariko Kobayashi was born in 1985. In 2012, she opened “Flura”, a lifestyle enhancement salon. In private, she is the mother of one. In November 2019, Kobayashi released a book which teaches tips for improving the sleep quality of babies, mothers, and pregnant women.

2. The scent of lavender is recommended for activating the parasympathetic nervous system to regulate the autonomic nervous system. Lavender Vanilla Bath Oil by Primavera.
3. Lavender Essential Oil by Rosier Davenne.
4. Apply hand cream, cover your nose with your hand, and take a deep breath.
5. Hiba wood chips are soothing and perfect to place by your nightstand.
6. As our ears lose body heat quickly, Kobayashi developed “MIMION” ear warmers, which use unique materials to keep ears warm on cold nights.