Women who shine for our future #28

Lala Takahashi, Model

Expressing unique personality to live more freely

Fashion model Lala Takahashi is currently a senior in high school. With a father who is a fashion designer and a former-model mother, she had valuable experiences visiting events such as The Paris Collection from an early age. Takahashi decided to become a model when she saw footage of the American brand Victoria's Secret fashion show when she was in middle school.

“I watched it because my favorite Ariana Grande was going to perform, but I was completely taken in by the splendor of the show. The models were free to express their individuality, and each one of them seemed like they were the star of the show. It just blew me away.”

From that moment, she set her goal to become Japan's first Victoria’s Secret model. As soon as she started modeling right after entering high school, Takahashi gained attention as a next-generation star.

"I thought that in order to become a fashion model that works globally, I needed to gain more muscle, so I started doing muscle training with weights and resistance bands at home which has really worked. I now have a six-pack and tight glutes. Muscle training has become my hobby.”

She plans to move to NY in the near future. It is a city that she has been longing to live in.

“Fashion that is thought of to be bizarre in Japan can be quite normal in NY. I feel like in a place like NY, I would be able to make more of my personality and maybe discover a new side of myself. I get excited just thinking about it!” Takahashi hopes that people in Japan will be able to enjoy fashion more freely like NY in the near future.

“It would be nice to live in a world that is open-minded and everyone can express their personality.”

Lala Takahashi, who was born in 2002, is a Tokyo native who started her modelling career in 2017. She enjoys watching movies and TV dramas, as well as drawing in her free time.

2. Bright green manicure from ISLAND GIRL HAWAII.
3. The model always dresses in Undercover designed by her father, Jun Takahashi, when going to photoshoots. Pictured is one of her favorite shoes she often wears. “I never wore it before because I didn’t think it was cool, but nowadays Undercover is what I mostly wear.” (Lala)
4. Bags and purses with patches she chose herself when working with Louis Vuitton.
5. Her favorite food is acai bowl.

LUMINE’s 2019 seasonal ads featured model Lala Takahashi. The autumn version rolled out on August 22 at Shinjuku Station billboards and various other areas.