‘NEWoMan YOKOHAMA’ Opening on June 24, 2020 by JR Yokohama Station West Exit

-A place to continue creating stories with people who live freely in a new era-

LUMINE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Morimoto) will open ‘NEWoMan YOKOHAMA’, a commercial facility at the west exit of JR Yokohama Station on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Following the footsteps of NEWoMan Shinjuku—which opened by JR Shinjuku Station New South Exit in the spring of 2016—as the second NEWoMan, the new facility will propose value to sophisticated women who live every day gracefully.

The company's development concept of ‘NEWoMan YOKOHAMA’ is “STORY ... ING”, as a place that stimulates the senses of customers by “continuing to create STORIES together with people who live freely in the new era”. As the new face of Yokohama, the company looks forward to sharing various values with the world through NEWoMan YOKOHAMA.

About NEWoMan
“NEWoMan” opened its first store in Shinjuku in March 2016 for sophisticated women with their own sense of style. The commercial facility was designed to make customers stay longer by meeting all lifestyle needs across genres such as fashion, beauty, food, wellness and culture. NEWoMan proposes a variety of values ​​that stimulate the senses of customers who seek quality and authenticity.

The company launched the NEWoMan concept that targets active women who are full of curiosity and improve for themselves, in hopes to support them to continue to evolve and shine throughout each life stage. With the new opening of NEWoMan YOKOHAMA, the company will create a change in the Yokohama area and make valuable proposals while creating synergy with the existing LUMINE Yokohama for a richer and more colorful experience for customers.

Store Identity
“New sense My story from YOKOHAMA”
The brand identity of NEWoMan YOKOHAMA is defined by the phrase ‘New sense My story from YOKOHAMA’. NEWoMan YOKOHAMA proposes a ‘New sense’ by offering new experiences that expands the standard values of customers, and the ‘story’ of customer experiences at NEWoMan YOKOHAMA combined with the ‘story’ of Yokohama’s history and the ‘story’ of shops to become a place of birth, growth and relaxation. With this brand identity, the company will promote NEWoMan YOKOHAMA and its attractive content, and as a hub for the LUMINE CARD and LUMINE app "ONE LUMINE” focus on creating relationships with customers.


Facility: NEWoMan YOKOHAMA
Address: 1-1-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Area of retail space: Approx. 13,000㎡
Floors: 1F - 10F
Number of retailers : 115
Opening date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Opening hours:
Shops - Weekdays 10am-9pm, Weekends & Holidays 10am-8:30pm
Restaurants - 11am-11pm
*Actual opening hours may differ.
Website : https://www.newoman.jp/yokohama
Official Instagram : @newoman.yokohama

NEWoMan YOKOHAMA Facility Features
115 shops to meet customer needs and propose lifestyle-based shops
To meet the needs of experienced customers, NEWoMan YOKOHAMA will consist of 110 shops and 5 parcel within NEWoMan Lab., offering a total of 115 shops. The shops together will propose a wider range of lifestyle options than NEWoMan Shinjuku, with a variety of not only fashion retailers, but also cosmetics, services and goods shops. This will also be the company’s first facility to offer luxury brands. Separating from the conventional floor configuration based on prices and tastes, the facility have created a category-mix of shops that can fulfill the concept of each floor, taking the customers “lifestyle” as the starting point. With their own “My sense”, customers will be able to pick and choose from the line-up of shops that vary in style, category, and prices to coordinate items that fit their own lifestyles, values and senses, and ultimately add color to their daily lives.

In addition, a variety of restaurants choices will be offered to match the needs of local customers. The 8F food hall further evolves NEWoMan Shinjuku's FOOD HALL and is where customers can casually enjoy the best selected restaurants, while the 9F and 10F offer more refined options with a sense of style or of highly specialized foods new to the Yokohama Station area. Many restaurants are of large capacity, and the unique restaurants and cafes can be enjoyed in various situations.

Breakdown of Shops & Restaurants
Fashion / Fashion goods: 42
Restaurants / Cafes / Foods: 28
Cosmetics: 15
Lifestyle Goods: 17
Services: 8
NEWoMan Lab.: 5 (Parcel)

The vibrant pop-up space “NEWoMan Lab.”
Created as a space for new encounters, the five parcel “NEWoMan Lab.” pop-up area will offer information and the latest trends, producing a sense of the season, offer events to experience products and their creator’s passion, as well as display and sell art.

ART initiatives that stimulate sensitivity
At NEWoMan YOKOHAMA, ART will be permanently installed within common areas. The ART window by H.P.France S.A. and the ART proposal by “The Chain Museum” will entertain customers with stimulation, surprises and new discoveries.

LUMINE Group's first exclusive lounge “NEWoMan LOUNGE”
NEWoMan YOKOHAMA will have the company's first permanent lounge “NEWoMan LOUNGE” for exclusive customers. Customers who frequently shop at NEWoMan YOKOHAMA can come and relax while shopping.

Environmental design under the “GLOBAL PORT CITY” theme by Tsuyoshi Tane
The environmental design of NEWoMan YOKOHAMA was overseen by globally active architect Tsuyoshi Tane—known for his works such as Estonian National Museum (2016) and New National Stadium of Japan ‘Kofun Stadium’ proposal (2012)—and head of Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects. Under the theme “GLOBAL PORT CITY”, the interior provides a space where you can feel the pleasure of walking in a city while staying within a building, with the use of 300,000 tiles of different patterns on each floor.

Tsuyoshi Tane Profile
Born in 1979, Tsuyoshi Tane is an architect from Tokyo and head of Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects based in Paris, France. He is globally recognised for his works such as Estonian National Museum (2016), New National Stadium of Japan ‘Kofun Stadium’ (2012), Toraya Paris (2015), Todoroki House in Valley (2018), and Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art (scheduled 2020). Tane has received numerous awards, including the French Ministry of Culture Architecture Prize, the 67th Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists, and Architect of the Year 2019. He has been teaching at Columbia University GSAPP since 2012.
ATTA official website:www.at-ta.fr

Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui