Temporary Closure Due to Spread of COVID-19

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, we would like to inform LUMINE and NEWoMan would remain closed temporarily starting from April 8th 2020 until June 2nd.

● Location with all shops closed
・LUMINE Ikebukuro
・LUMINE Yurakucho
・LUMINE Shinjuku
・LUMINE EST Shinjuku
・NEWoMan Shinjuku

● Location with some shops closed temporarily except some food shops
*Grocery sections and store with the needs from a local customer such as medical clinics etc. at some locations will remain open.*
・LUMINE Kitasenjyu
・LUMINE Tachikawa
・LUMINE Yokohama
・LUMINE Ogikubo
・LUMINE Machida
・Ofuna LUMINE Wing
・LUMINE Fujisawa
・LUMINE Kawagoe