Women who shine for our future #25

Kasane Nogawa, Photographer

Expanding audience perspectives through photographs that capture mountains and nature

Photographer Kasane Nogawa has gained popularity for her works that capture the beauty she encounters while walking in the mountains. From the greenery of the thick trees behind the fog, the ridges visible in the distance, the clouds that flow and disappear through the autumn sky, to the icicles that hang from the eaves of a winter hut, all of her works are filled with the atmosphere of the mountains, as if you are reliving each moment.

Nogawa started going to the mountains 13 years ago. When taking pictures of plants in the city while searching for her theme as a photographer, she intuitively thought, “Maybe I will find more things if I go to the mountains.”

“I went to a mountain I had climbed before on an excursion, and it was fun. I also felt that the slow process of shooting things I was interested in while walking one step at a time suited me.”

After going to the mountains for awhile, Nogawa says she found an unexpected benefit.

“Thanks to the new senses that I’ve gained since, I've been able to find my rhythm and comfort in the busyness of everyday city life. Photography is my main occupation but that aside, I feel lucky to have found something so beneficial to my life.”

Peace of mind comes from acknowledging the greater existence of nature. It may be one of the most valuable things for people living in the coming era.

“If your head is full with the things in front of you, and you think that at this same moment the time flowing in the mountains is completely different, I think it can help us feel at ease. If people find interest in nature through my photography, that would make me happy.”

Kasane Nogawa was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1977. She graduated from Nihon University Graduate School of Arts and was mentored by photographer Takashi Homma until she branched out on her own in 2005. She has authored many books such as “Yamagoya no Tomoshibi” (co-authored with Yuriko Kobayashi / Yama-kei Publishers).

2. Leather climbing shoes made by Sugamo brand “goro”. Nogawa has resoled them and continued to wear them for over 10 years.
3. Nogawa records what she notices on her walks in the mountains with Polaroids and a notebook filled with illustrations and handwritten memos.
4. Nogawa's photographic work is lyrical and the airy mountain atmosphere can be felt through her pieces.
5. A strap made by a friend is attached to her Nikon camera.