LUMINE ART FAIR -My First Collection-

“LUMINE ART FAIR -My First Collection-” was held at LUMINE 0 (LUMINE zero) in Shinjuku, Tokyo, as an art fair offering pieces within reach of first-time buyers.

The venue was divided into three areas; “Affordable Area” introducing works under 50,000 yen, “From New York Area” collecting works of young artists active in the New York and “Gallery” consisting works selected by 11 galleries in Japan.

The event, which was initially scheduled for two days between October 12th and 13th, was shortened to one day due to a typhoon but was successful in attracting around 750 visitors.

New York-based gallerist Kentaro Totsuka served as the fair director for the “From New York Area”, and invited three New York-based artists Ricardo Gonzalez, Stephen Palladino and Shantell Martin (Unfortunatley Shantell Martin wasn’t able to come due to the typhoon). On the day of the art fair, Ricardo Gonzalez and Stephen Palladino performed live painting. A video of the two performers was also released and on display for the many visitors. In the video, Ricardo Gonzalez, who is from Mexico and lives in Brooklyn, and Stephen Palladino, who was born in the Bronx, were interviewed about their lives in New York and how they create their art.

At the same time, the video was also released on CINRA.NET alongside an article looking into the current art scene in New York by Mai Shiotani.

Photographer ©Yuta Kenmochi in the video