Women who shine for our future #24

Emma Maeda, Model

Triggering Thought Through Various Forms of Creativity

The undoubtedly multi-talented Emma Maeda is a model, essayist, photographer, painter and radio personality. She was initially attracted to creative work in high school where she found difficulty in feeling as if she belonged. Her time spent in music, literature or art were her moments of peace and she felt it was creativity that saved her.

“I had always liked using my hands or fantasizing in my mind, but it was around that time that I began wanting to be closer to those who create. I hope to become a bridge for exciting encounters that would hopefully help others as I was."

In any means of expression, she tries to stay true to her feelings in the moment and convey without sounding preachy.

“I've been chatty since I was a child, reporting everything that happened or what I felt that day to my mother. Now I feel like I'm doing it for an unspecified number of people. If someone emphasizes or feels discomfort towards my work and it makes them ponder, that makes me happy.”

In recent years, she has been expanding her interests to things such as shōgi. “I’m a bit of a groupie,” she laughs.

“I was afraid that the world would become narrower as I grew older, but I am now able to accept various circumstances and enjoy things more than before. Sadness and regrets are the fertilizer for my writing and my life is full of material!"

She has a positive mindset, even if there is something she can’t do. She has always had the capability to find a different method and carve her own path.

“I think that kind of ingenuity is a necessity of life. I believe a world where everyone enjoys the process of raising questions and finding solutions together would be wonderful.”

Emma Maeda from Kanagawa Prefecture was born in 1992. She graduated from Tokyo Zokei University and studied abroad at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where she gained attention for her activities across various fields. She also writes about a variety of themes such as art and fashion.

2. Nikon's film camera is one of the cameras she carries around for “Collection of Memory”.
3. A drawing of the scenery from her window, which was showcased in last year's solo exhibition “Lost Eyes”.
4. She draws clothing design ideas for her dressmaking class in her notebook.
5. Her favorite LAMY pen that she has used since her student days.