Women who shine for our future #23

Anna Haneishi, Professional Traveller

Taking snapshots of the world to spread the joy of travelling

Jet-setting around the world as a professional traveller, Anna Haneishi spreads the joy of travelling through various media. She had a strong desire to travel abroad from an early age and eventually moved to Hawaii for three years around the age of 20. Haneishi has traveled to more than 40 countries so far.

“I try to maximize the local culture experience by eating foods that are unique to the region and wearing the clothes I buy locally. I really enjoy travelling alone too. There are so many opportunities to interact with locals and find information that can not be searched for online.”

Travelling as a profession sounds like a dream job, but in reality it can be quite hard. They start with planning the trip and switch hats throughout the process becoming the photographer, stylist, reporter and writer as well.

“I shoot video during the day, edit at night in the hotel room, and shoot missing footage again the next day. Surprisingly, I work a lot behind-the-scenes too.”

That is why Haneishi feels it is essential to let go of the camera or mobile phone, and take time to lie on the ground to enjoy the beautiful scenery and air with the entire body.

“If you don't enjoy it, you won't be able to take great photos. It's easy to be focused on taking pictures, but it's important to see with your own eyes what you need to capture in that moment.”

She hopes to continue to be a source of inspiration for people to travel more often.

“It's a shame that Japan has such a short vacation compared to other countries. In Europe and the US, it’s common to take a holiday for a month to spend time with family. I think it would be great for Japanese people to enjoy travelling like that.”

Anna Haneishi
Born 1994 in Tochigi Prefecture. After graduating from Leeward Community College in Hawaii, Haneishi was casted as a member of “Terrace House: ALOHA STATE” (originally aired between Nov 2016 and Aug 2017). She now travels the world as a professional traveller since June 2017.

2. Straw hats are essential in tropical countries.
3. Photos taken on the road. Haneishi decorates her room with her favorite shots.
4. A Thai panacea ya dom for feeling refreshed, and a personalized passport case custom made in Thailand.
5. A camera-equipped drone Mavic Pro for taking aerial selfies.