Women who shine for our future #22

Sawa Nimura, Actress

Crossing Borders with an Open and Positive Mindset

Sawa Nimura is an actress who is broadening her range of work from movies and TV dramas to commercials and music videos. She was scouted into the entertainment world at the age of 19, but her preparation began in her first year of junior high school when she started dance under the influence of her father.

“Dance involves practicing in front of the mirror and being conscious about how your body looks when it moves. Having that sense of awareness is useful when you stand in front of the camera as an actor as well. I still enjoy dancing with a group of friends, as a morning activity.”

Nimura, who is from Osaka, grew up in a lovingly family with her parents, a sister and a brother.

“Growing up as the youngest, I would always think ‘How can I avoid getting into trouble?’ I'm good at human observation”, laughs Nimura.

While her ability to sense the atmosphere is helpful, she often found it painful to understand the feelings of the other people. Now she is able to control her mindset and feel positive about it.

“It's up to you to decide whether an experience is poisonous or like medicine. I now trust that everything that happens will make me a better actress. I hope I can always be honest and sincere, without forgetting to be optimistic.”

Nimura is curious and loves being creative. She hopes to learn to play the guitar and become proficient in knitting in the near future. Her eyes shine as she talks about her ambition to become a global actress that crosses borders.

“I would love the opportunity to promote the beauty of Japanese art to the world, but at the same time I feel there are things Japan should take on from other countries, such as work style reform of those in the film making industry. I want to continue to create good work while facing the world openly.”

Sawa Nimura was born in 1994 in the prefecture of Osaka. She entered the entertainment world after being discovered in Harajuku while on a trip to Tokyo. She has worked on numerous commercials, music videos and movies. Her latest movie “Hell Girl” will premiere in fall 2019.

2. Her favorite Aēsop hand cream gifted to her by an acquaintance
3. Her Canon digital camera which she uses in her free time, is waterproof and can be used in the ocean
4. Nimura appears in the “2019SS LUMINE WEB” which delivers fashion trends by LUMINE
5. She carries around her favorite candy “OGONTOH”