Women who shine for our future #21

Urara Muramatsu, Creative Strategist at H.P.FRANCE NY Inc.

Connecting diverse cultures in a society where everyone embraces who they are

"New York New Work" (NYNW) is an interactive fashion and art event introducing emerging creators from around the world. The first event held in 2017 attracted more than 2,000 visitors including many art and fashion students as well as buyers in three days. This project director Urara Muramatsu talks about the background of the event which was held for a second time this March.

“It all started because I felt the need for a project like this. Although boutiques will occasionally invite designers from abroad, Japan did not have a platform for introducing budding creators of the world in a large capacity for several days.”

The reason behind her unique perspective may be due to her living in NY from the age of nine and traveling between Japan and the US ever since. In addition, H.P.FRANCE has a corporate philosophy that ‘creation enriches people’ which Muramatsu also strongly believes.

“My hope is to share the thoughts and works of emerging creators from around the world with people of Japan. If it leads to business opportunities in Japan for the participating creators, that would be great.”

Furthermore, the goal for NYNW is to bridge various cultures so that people can embrace their own way of living. It was reflected in the unique and impactful faces of the eight creators participating this time around.

“Among fashion designers, more and more people are expressing themselves freely beyond the realm of fashion. I hope for a world where everyone embraces themselves with a "I just am" attitude while accepting the freedom of others.”

Urara Muramatsu was born in the city of Tokyo in 1991. At the age of 9, her parent’s work relocated her family to NY. After graduating from a local art university, she joined H.P.FRANCE NY Inc. in 2014. She now runs a fashion/art brand “forbabies” with a friend.

2. A JACQUES LE CORRE bag that she loves to use for work.
3. NYNW vol.1 was held two years ago.
4. A piece from the 2019 spring summer collection of “LRS”, a brand that participated in NYNW.
5. An amulet she takes with her when she flies.