Women who shine for our future #20

Sakiko Hirano, Food Essayist

Sharing the joys of food experience to create better society

Sakiko Hirano is a dedicated foodie who has been writing restaurant reviews in her food diary since elementary school. She currently works extensively on food-related writing and event planning. In addition to responding to client requests, she will often propose her own ideas, and launched her first confectionery brand “(NO) RAISIN SANDWICH” last year. Regular raisin sandwiches and a set of butter sandwiches that use seasonal dried fruits instead of raisins—the only food which Hirano does not favor—are so popular that it is difficult to buy.

“I always put ideas that come to mind in my ‘Things I want to do PDF’. We are usually so busy with our everyday lives that the things we want to do get set aside, and after that they turn into things that don't need to get done. That scares me.”

For example, the “Aji na Mise (Tasty Store)” project that Hirano proposed to the editorial department of POPEYE magazine was also on that list. Her passion for food is well reflected in the concept of introducing tasteful restaurants that have their own story and are hard to reciprocate.

“In a world full of similar things, I wanted to convey the charm of restaurants that have their own unique values, such as an unwelcoming but exceptionally delicious eatery or an owner who works alone behind a counter. When I walk out of these places, I feel like I've finished watching a movie. These restaurants can’t be found with just an online search.”

Last fall, Hirano left her job at an advertising agency where she worked for four and a half years in parallel with her freelance work. In addition to sharing her own experiences, she hopes to play a role in sharing food experiences by connecting food scenes and the media.

“Food experience will lead to the creation of a better society. If I can contribute to that, I will enjoy the next 10 years even more.”

Sakiko Hirano was born in 1991 in Fukuoka Prefecture. After working as a copywriter at Hakuhodo Inc., she left the company in 2018. She is a contributor for magazines and conducts lectures and event planning.

2. On the left is the “(NO) RAISIN SANDWICH” which includes fruits that change by season. To the right is “(YES) RAISIN SANDWICH” which uses raisins marinated with rum and sherry vinegar. Available for order at noraisinsandwich.stores.jp.
3. A food diary from her elementary school days. Her writing and drawings that fill up the margins shows her enthusiasm.
4. Her collection of restaurant cards.