New York New Work Vol.2

Diversity is not a transient trend, but a movement

In March 2019, LUMINE hosted an interactive fashion and art exhibition “New York New Work Vol. 2” at the cultural exchange space LUMINE 0 (LUMINE zero) in NEWoMan Shinjuku.

The interactive fashion and art event New York New Work (NYNW) brings together creations of emerging designers from New York.

At the first NYNW held in 2017, nine up-and-coming creators came to Japan to showcase radical creations and overwhelmed the audience with an impactful experience. The second NYNW themed “SPECTRUM” which represents diversity and inclusion, invited eight designers to LUMINE 0 to showcase their works that lead trends in New York. The show also brought excitement to Tokyo during fashion week.

Through NYNW’s SPECTRUM message, LUMINE hopes to deliver movements taking place in New York as well as around the world to Tokyo, as well as exhibit a new lifestyle that ‘brings out a new me’ in a diversifying society and provide exciting value unique to LUMINE and new culture creation.

The event was directed by hpf CHRISTOPHER Inc. and art directed by participating creator Chris Habana. In the exhibition space inspired by home floor plans, participating creators exhibited in different rooms—such as a kitchen by NO SESSO, bedroom by Vaquera and study by Luar—to create one big “spectrum house”.

The reception event held prior to the show included performances by eight designers using live models, as well as DJ showcases. Nearly 200 guests from the media, fashion and art industry along with loyal LUMINE customers, enjoyed direct interaction with the designers.

The show attracted a total of 770 visitors. Visitors voiced their thoughts saying, “Modern day New York could be felt all around and it wasn't like any other experiences” and “I spend my days fixed on stereotypical views, but I hope to be more appreciative of free-spirited art and diverse ways of living.”

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