The Meadow’s First Shop in Japan

Portland-based craft food store valuing communities debuts in Shinjuku

On March 5, 2019, LUMINE opened Japan’s first The Meadow store—a craft food store from Portland—in LUMINE Shinjuku.

The Meadow was founded by Mark Bitterman, America’s craft made food guru, after traveling the world and selecting items to offer in his Portland and New York stores. The stores carry salts, chocolates, wines, cocktail bitters and flowers filled with the passion of local areas and craftsmen, while proposing a lifestyle that values local connections and communities.

Japan’s The Meadow store in LUMINE Shinjuku marks the first permanent store outside of the US mainland. While carrying a selection of salt, chocolate, wine, cocktail bitters and flowers as in the US, The Meadow is passionate in more than just selling products, aiming to connect people and become a place where the passion of local areas and producers, as well as stories of manufacturing, environment, curiosity, experiences, learning and discovery can be felt.

LUMINE’s first encounter with The Meadow happened when a New York representative of LUMINE stumbled upon the store. LUMINE empathized with Mark's concept of “creating a community by sharing the passion of creators and stories behind products and brands” and the two parties hoped to propose a new food culture to Japan and LUMINE customers. Until now, LUMINE has been a leader in the Japanese fashion market but moving forward, the company hopes to focus on The Meadow to propose a lifestyle that encompasses food and build deeper relationships with customers.

Owner Mark Bitterman who visited Japan for the store opening, commented “I am really excited to create a new home for The Meadow in a unique place like Shinjuku. We hope to propose a new food culture to everyone in Japan.” The Meadow held special workshops in collaboration with Japanese craft chocolate makers as well as events for enjoying the marriage of sake and salt for the opening.

Many people who were familiar with the Portland store along with members of the media were among customers who voiced that “It felt like being in Portland” and “It's a new type of store and really fun.” Some have already become regular customers of the store.