Women who shine for our future #19

Haruyo Inadome, President at Atelier Inadome

An atelier for creating costumes and a workplace for women

Haruyo Inadome creates costumes for various artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as well as TV characters for young children. She mostly designs headpieces based on ideas and sketches by designers and stylists. Her role is to realize these ideas while considering the materials and details. “My job is about drawing out what a client wants to express through the costume and realize that through the design. It’s a behind-the-scenes job that is not so glamorous, but it's a fun job."

Inadome was drawn to making stage costumes when she worked in costume production as a part time job during her fashion school days. She explains that she was fascinated to see a live audience enjoying the costumes on stage that she helped create. After graduating, Inadome worked for a hat manufacturing company. Her mission was to excel in the speciality of headpieces and learn all the steps of manufacturing, so she experienced everything from planning to production management. On weekends she would take part in stage costume production and dived into her creations without rest. "I wanted to do work as much as I could while I was young and had the strength to do so. I believed that creating in multitudes was the quickest way to understand the essence of it all.”

After starting her own business the busy days continued, but married Inadome managed to balance work and parenting. "I was actually working 5 hours before going into labor. It was all thanks to the support of my family.” Inadome currently runs the atelier while also expanding her expertise in apparel and other areas. Her future goal is to nurture successors. "It is important to nurture talent to maintain quality and client satisfaction. A company needs to be managed in a way that ensures their careers and lives. In hopes for a society with more opportunities for women, I am also dedicated in creating a workable environment for mothers who are raising children."

Kagoshima native Haruyo Inadome was born in 1972. She is an alumni of Bunka Fashion College, Fashion Technology Department. After working for a hat manufacturing company and the atelier of a haute couture brand, Inadome decided to start her own business and established Atelier Inadome Co., Ltd in 2016. She creates a wide range of costumes including headpieces.

2. A device that expands the fabric of a hat.
3. A manikin for headpieces called “Poupée" that Inadome has used for 20 years.
4. A yarn holder that a friend made is the designer’s must-have item.
5. A measuring tape that Inadome always hangs from her neck when working.

Inadome created the costumes for the winter "LUMINE THE BARGAIN” ad visuals for the second time since last summer. The visuals which were produced by So-en and art directed by Nishioka Pencil, were unveiled at the end of last year.