Women who shine for our future #14

Yuri Uenishi, Art Director

Taking inspiration from close ones to create memorable visuals and show off skills

Yuri Uenishi —an art director working for Dentsu— has loved movies and music since middle school, which eventually led to her interest in the work of designers. She has been involved in a variety of work but mainly advertisements using posters, logos, spaces and visuals. She chose to work at Dentsu after graduating art school because she felt that there would be on-the-job learning opportunities and meaningful work experiences.

“Whether or not I belong to a company, I want to be the person who clients request. It all comes down to, how do I get clients to understand my skills and style, and how do I get them to depend on me. I feel the answer is, give it all you have without ever compromising on your work, and prove yourself through that outcome."

Uenishi, who approached her ninth year as a professional has a prominent skill, which is her ability to create a single strong visual. An example is her NEWoMan’s opening advertisement which presented images of strong women with visual light overlapping to convey contemporary women.

“When creating the visual, I think about the key message clients want to deliver and then imagine how someone close to me might relate to it. Through powerful visuals and the messages that they carry, I hope to create pieces that remain deep in the minds of people.”

Advertisements are a mirror reflecting the times. It is essential to understand trends, but Uenishi points out that "if you capture the world too big, it may not reach anyone.” She uses people close to her as inspiration because she hopes to create something that feels close and real.

"When you are feeling sparks of happiness, conflict is less likely to occur. I hope for society to feel small moments of happiness that accumulate so that we can all live with a smile on our face.”

Yuri Uenishi was born in 1987 in the city of Tokyo. After graduating from Tama Art University’s Department of Graphic Design in 2010, she started working for Dentsu. She is a recipient of several awards including the Tokyo ADC Prize, JAGDA Award and CANNES LIONS Gold Award. Uenishi takes time off every year to travel.

Cover Photo. Items she has collected from her travels are lined up on the shelf
2. Her work includes the ad for NEWoMan’s opening as well as CD designs for artists such as RADWIMPS and ELEVENPLAY
3. Uenishi’s pet rabbit with the floppy ears is named “Gura”

LUMINE’s “IT’S NEW” WEEK campaign was held from August 3 to 22. Uenishi was the art director for the “FALL IN RED” themed visuals which includes new arrivals from the autumn/winter season.