Women who shine for our future #12

“heso”, Design Unit

A team of four well-balanced females realize a flexible work style

The design unit known as “heso”, consists of four women who were originally classmates at art college. The unit collaborates with various companies on everything from planning to production, such as art direction and event spaces of stores and brands including LUMINE THE QUARTIER-LA. Their most unique feature is that while being a company organization, the four members work together seamlessly as equal partners with no hierarchy. After graduation from college, each of them worked as individual creators until they held a joint exhibition and became a team ever since.

“Our personalities and specialties are different. I realized that because of this, when we combine our four ideas and techniques, we are able to implement what I wouldn’t be able to do on my own.” says Director, Chika Suto.

Although each has their own role, all four members face every project as if it were their own, making their work that much more unique. Suto explains, “When someone comes to a life event such as childbirth or child rearing, the remaining members will make up for it. It may only apply to a group of four women like us, but whenever one of us shifts life stages, we talk together and rebuild our team rules.”

Starting from 2015, the team launched their original bag brand SOAK as a means of disseminating their view of the world. “heso” offers fresh designs with playfulness and practicality every season.

Suto continues, “We have been able to see the things we are capable of doing for the past 8 years since we first formed the unit. Moving forward, if our style can inspire other women in their teens and 20s who wish to balance work and parenting, that would be great. It would be wonderful if it becomes a model case as one of the many choices out there, in addition to working for a large organization with benefits.”

“heso” was formed in 2010 and incorporated in 2013. In the top photo (from left), Minori Sawada, Aki Asai, Yuka Ono, Chika Suto. With hopes to creates things with a little sense of humor, the unit was named “he-so!” (which holds similar meaning to the expression “oh, yeah!”).

1. The SOAK bag. The latest collection is available at LUMINE THE QUARTIER-LA (Shinjuku LUMINE 2 - 2F)
2. The LUMINE THE QUARTIER-LA shopping bag designed by “heso”
3. The “Crossing” poster art directed by “heso”
4. “heso’ original calendar foil printed by hand

“heso” was the director of LUMINE THE QUARTIER-LA’s “Crossing” event, held on May 26 and 27 at LUMINE 0 (NEWoMan Shinjuku 5F). For more information, go to https://www.lumine-info.com/lumine-world/2018/06/01/lumines-incubation-project-lumine-the-quartier-la.html.