Women who shine for our future #11

Yukari Ota, Life Stylist

Proposing the necessities of life to provide hints for an enriched life

Yukari Ota became an independent fashion stylist at the age of 22, working with various magazines and advertisements, as well as a consultant for brands. After the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, Ota felt the importance of living by her own philosophy and decided to shift her career and become a lifestyle stylist that proposes clothing, food and housing elements in a three-dimensional manner. The lifestyle shop "LAPAZ" that opened that same year, represented her philosophy and ideals through the furniture, household goods, art and food that was offered.

In 2014, the store relocated and reopened as "ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ” to focus more on food. Ota's style lives in the details, as the interior was created in-house and ingredients are procured through actual meetings with food producers. "I hope to propose ideas that enrich minds in a form that can be enjoyed in everyday life, such as taking recycling another step ahead to upcycling.”

Vegan food is another example. Ota converted the menu a year and a half ago to vegan food that is delicious but also familiar. “The concept is ‘vegan junk food’. We reproduce burgers, nuggets, shakes and so on with plant-based ingredients for vegans and non-vegans to enjoy delicious meals together. We really hope to spread the idea from here.”

Ota believes that being able to express her style through action and form, is what makes her job so rewarding. “A society where you can choose work based on your values and take pride in what you do. I think that is true “work-style reform". Nowadays, teenagers and those in their twenties are full of ideas and truthful in the way that they live. I feel that times are turning and we are headed in a better direction.”

Yukari Ota was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1981. After working as an assistant stylist, Ota launched her own business. She promotes a enriched lifestyle through her work as a creative director for various media and advertisements, as well as a consultant for companies and brands.

2. The popular Teriyaki Tempeh Burger offered at ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ (Jingumae, Shibuya).
3. Original sweets and select organic teas are also sold in the store.

Yukari Ota was the art director for the LUMINE SPECIAL DAYS Campaign that took place throughout all LUMINE locations from April 5 to May 6, and included her ideas to enjoy ethical living. For more information, go to www.lumine.ne.jp.