LUMINE’s incubation project LUMINE THE QUARTIER-LA held its first fashion exhibition “CROSSING” on Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th.

QUARTIER-LA is a coined word that combines the English word ‘culture’ with the French ‘Quartier Latin’. It started in 2001, as LUMINE’s incubation project to discover and nurture next generation brands and creators of the fashion industry. It is a place where creators meet customers, to interact without barriers. It is where the seeds of newly budded creations are fostered. There is also a retail store in LUMINE Shinjuku, which highlights many brands by designers and creators selected by LUMINE. At weekly store events, designers will come in and propose new items directly to customers. The most successful brands are offered the chance to open their own store within LUMINE.

The event name “CROSSING” holds the meaning of ‘intersection’ or ‘relay point’. Being in the heart of the world-leading terminal station Shinjuku, which is closely related to various historical cultures, the project aims to cut across culture, art and entertainment to create a fashion exhibition representing the next generation. This is the first exhibition outside the store. It was carried out as the next step of QUARTIER-LA.

At the event, LUMINE THE QUARTIER-LA showcased and sold apparel, goods and accessories by selected brands, with the designers there to promote the items. In addition, actress Kaho who is known for her love of fashion as well as fashion icon KOM_I ,musician, vocal of “Wednesday Campanella,” were invited as guest speakers, and live performances and installations by young musicians working domestically and overseas were held.

Creators who participated left saying, “It was a new challenge to collaborate with other creators and a motivating experience to promote my brand in the center of Shinjuku.” Visitors, who were many chic people wearing fashionable clothes, also voiced their comments such as, “It was great to hear the guest speakers present their unique and different thoughts on fashion.”

As a brand incubator, LUMINE THE QUARTIER-LA will continue to take on challenges with the aim of creating a platform for designers and creators.