Women who shine for our future #09

Naomi Shimizu, Fashion Stylist

Exquisitely Balanced Styling to Help Brighten Your Daily Mood

Naomi Shimizu works on styling for various media such as magazines, advertisements and commercials. She is known for her exquisitely balanced styling, whether she is showing everyday staples in a new and fresh way or skillfully layering pieces with a touch of high-fashion. As she was once a fashion magazine editor, Shimizu will at times work with teams from the planning phase.

“I often go to Paris, but I still love Tokyo. The energy of the women in Tokyo is amazing! But even for them every day isn’t always fun. I think fashion can help with that by bringing them excitement with new clothes or feeling seasons change.”

There is a somewhat fantasy-like narrative to Shimizu’s styling, but at the same time a realistic feeling as if you were looking inside someone’s closet, which may be due to her desire for everyone to enjoy fashion that fits their style.

“My message is that even if the world changes, beautiful things will not go away. I often think that how we dress speaks more eloquently than our words.”

Naomi Shimizu was born in Tokyo. After graduating from University, she joined Conde Nast Publications where she worked as an editor and stylist of VOGUE JAPAN. Shimizu is now on her own, working as a stylist on various fashion magazines and brand catalogs.

2. Magazines and brand catalogs which she has worked on as a stylist.
3. Shimizu wears several rings, including some which she has received from family.
4. Shimizu carries around stationary to write thank you notes to business acquaintances. On the left is a letter from Nina Ricci creative director Guillaume Henry.

Shimizu’s latest work can be seen online at LUMINE WEB “Blossomed style of Spring” http://www.lumine.ne.jp/2018SS/.