Women who shine for our future #08

Chiaki Yoshikawa, Beautician and Organic Specialist

Sharing Beauty and Health Expertise to Support the Wellbeing of Women

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Chiaki Yoshikawa is known as a pioneer in organic cosmetics. She started off after she gave birth, balancing her career and role as a mother. “I was a beauty geek and so I studied aromatherapy, which eventually led me to opening a salon based on my own method in 1993.”

Although treatments that combine body care and facials are now quite popular, Yoshikawa’s method was the first to offer such treatments together. Along with her abundant knowledge on beauty, having little experience working in the esthetics industry helped her to create a salon from a user's perspective, making her salon a big hit. In 2008, she launched Bio Daikanyama, a PR agency for natural and organic cosmetics. In addition, she recently spoke about women and hormones at “The health seminar for women who work at LUMINE” hosted by LUMINE, and has been dedicating her time to spreading awareness about the inner and external beauty and health of women.

“Although the promotion of women and their role in society has been a topic in the recent years, the actual physical ability and environment to achieve it differs by the individual. It is important to have your own sense of balance based on your own personality. I think that my role is to spread knowledge in a way that is understandable, while working to help women maintain their health.”

Chiaki Yoshikawa was born in 1959. After jobs as an in-house trainer and in the interior design field, she launched her own business in 1991. She opened the first Jurlique flagship store in Japan in 1997. In 2008, Yoshikawa started an organic cosmetics PR office called Bio Daikanyama. Since 2011, she has also provided consulting and training services to numerous high quality organic brands. Yoshikawa is also a co-founder of “Sakura therapy room”, an infirmary for working women.

2. A laptop and aroma oils are her must-haves for work.
3. The many books by Yoshikawa focus on supporting women, their beauty and a healthy lifestyle.
4. A seminar by LUMINE that focused on “Physical and mental happiness for store staff to keep smiling at work” held last fall.