Women who shine for our future #07

Tahi Saihate, Poet

Freeing ‘words’ with modern poetry that resonates in the age of social media

Nanimokamo wo Sukidattakoro wo Omoidasu, 12 gatsu 25 nichi
(December 25th, the day that reminds me of a time that I loved everything)

The work of Tahi Saihate, the poet who just celebrated her 10th year anniversary, brightened up LUMINE this past Christmas. Her words which comfortably stimulates the right part of the brain, have been popular online, in magazines and books, and created a movie this year. Her creations are not the result of self-expression. The poet explains, “The words that come through my mind feel as though they are running past me. There are different layers to words. For instance, words used in song lyrics sometimes bring out a new or different meaning to what we are used to. I hope to provide that same sensation through my work.” That is why Saihate’s work gives the reader the freedom to comprehend in whatever way they please. Her words can flow into our personal memories which then eases our minds or provokes catharsis.

“It would be wonderful to see everyone communicate with their own words. When we worry too much about the number of ‘likes’, our comments remain average and boring. I think it becomes interesting when our unique habits and character shines through our words.”

In response to the needs of customers who live in the moment, LUMINE will continue efforts as a “Life Value Presenter” to support dedicated women who shine for our future.

Tahi Saihate, born in 1986, is a recipient of the Chuya Nakahara Prize and the Gendaishi Hanatsubaki Prize. Her collection of poems titled “The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue” inspired a feature film this year. A recording of her latest book of poems “Ai no Nuimewa Koko” (published by Little More) was used for an exhibition at the bookstore Title. She released “Sennengo no Hyakunin Isshu” (co-written by Asami Kiyokawa / published by Little More) in November 2017.

2. Saihate uses a smartphone or computer for writing. Words that come to her mind are immediately written down.
3. She has published over 10 books which include poem, novel and essay collections.
4. A LUMINE campaign visual created in collaboration with Saihate.