Portland’s gourmet food store “The Meadow” Pop-Up

LUMINE opened The Meadow Pop-Up, a gourmet food store from Portland, Oregon, at NEWoMan Shinjuku from February 3 to February 14, 2018.

The Meadow was founded by Mark Bitterman, a pioneer in America’s craft made food industry, after traveling the world and selecting items to offer in his Portland and New York stores. The shops specializes in deliciously crafted salts from all around the world, as well as chocolates, wines, cocktail bitters and flowers, while also setting an example of the Portland lifestyle where people embrace their community. LUMINE’s pop-up store was lined-up with craft made chocolates that make the perfect Valentine’s gift, selected by Bitterman from around the world. Japanese bean-to-bar chocolates that are not yet available in the U.S. were also featured.

The founder values not only the taste and quality, but the craftsman, technique and story behind each product. Bitterman explains, “I hope that The Meadow creates new ideas about food, new encounters between regions and craftsmen or chefs and restaurants, and drives new conversations about the earth, nature and environment. Through the pop-up, I also hope to help provide the Japanese people with a rich and flavorful tabletop to enjoy with family and loved ones.”

The pop-up store was filled with people who were familiar with The Meadow from the U.S., as well as those who were interested from social media or reviews by chocolate enthusiasts. Workshops by Bitterman, Japanese craft chocolate maker “ChocoReko” owner and “tiltflowers” floral artist Emi Kakuta were also held at the venue. The store attracted a growing number of customers as Valentine’s Day neared, with women buying chocolates to give to men as tradition in Japan. A women who found the store through social media and attended a workshop commented, “It was a great opportunity to see different kinds of gourmet chocolate at once. Hearing Mark Bitterman’s passion and philosophy directly from him and comparing the differences between cacao beans, 100% pure chocolates and overseas chocolates was a wonderful experience. I would be nice to have a permanent store.”

About The Meadow
Founded in 2006 by Mark Bitterman, The Meadow is a gourmet craft food store from Portland, Oregon.

A piece of steak that Bitterman had tasted while traveling as a businessman, is what created his passion for salt. He started proposing recipes that used craft made salt - which did not exist in the U.S. at the time - to bring out the taste of other ingredients. Chefs, restauranteurs and foodies were immediately interested and his store took off. Each product is specially crafted and carefully selected from around the world by Bitterman. The Meadow currently has two stores in Portland and a store in New York. LUMINE’s pop-up store was the brand’s first store overseas.

About Mark Bitterman
The Meadow owner Mark Bitterman is a pioneer in the craft made food industry.

The “selmelier” is to salt what the sommelier is to wine, providing information and expertise that helps diners, chefs, and retailers to get the best possible results from their food, restaurants, and stores. As a “selmelier”, he also uses his expertise to teach restaurants and chefs how to get the best possible results with salt, develops recipes, consults and lectures at culinary schools such as the French Culinary Institute and Le Cordon Bleu. He is also a food author with books on salts, chocolates and bitters. His book “Salted” released in 2010 received the James Beard Award, an award known as the “The Oscars of Food”. As a leader in the craft made food industry, Bitterman also travels around the U.S. as a speaker and has been featured in print media such as Food & Wine Magazine, The New York Times and GQ, in addition to making several TV appearances.