Women who shine for our future #06

Akiko Aoki, Designer at AKIKOAOKI

Fashion items with ‘space’ to bring out curiosity and individual values

In 2014, spirited young designer Akiko Aoki launched her own brand “AKIKOAOKI”. Her edgy designs have a twist and are created with the freedom of individual styling in mind. “I want to create clothing that can be customized based on individual ideas and values rather than imposing how a piece should be worn. I love dressing up and so when I create a piece, I try to leave room for the person wearing it to express themselves.” The designer’s ideas come from the extraordinary moments in everyday life. The delicateness of her creations are able to lift unexpected feelings and other inconsistent moods unique to women, yet her designs are often thought of as architectural and masculine. This fine balance can be seen in the details as well. “In order to create something different in an age where we have an abundance of things, I feel it is important to feel a consistency throughout a product, right up to the details. Fashion is the quickest way to get a hint of who a person is. In a fast-changing world, it would be great if we could raise the standard of fashion as a part of culture.”

To respond to the needs of customers who live in the now, LUMINE will continue working as a “Life Value Presenter” to support women who shine for our future.

Akiko Aoki was born in Tokyo in 1978. After graduating Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Aoki worked for the brand pelican avenue and Jenny Fax before launching her own brand AKIKOAOKI from spring/summer 2015.

2. Original textiles from the autumn/winter 2017-18 collection. The retro floral design has a flocky print finish.
3. The spring/summer 2018 collection, unveiled in October with the themes ‘loop’ and ‘light’. With no beginning and no end, it relates to the unique Japanese value of not seeking for answers.
4. A woman’s face imagined and carefully drawn by Aoki.