LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2017 - Winners to be Showcased

LUMINE meets ART AWARD, an art award open to the public, was launched by LUMINE in 2013 under the company’s “Itsumono LUMINE +α” (everyday LUMINE plus more) concept. LUMINE has announced and will display the artwork by the five winners of the LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2017.

LUMINE chose the winners from the 500 entries received during 2 months. The panel of judges consisted of members active in both the domestic and overseas art scenes which included gallerist Tomio Koyama who works in the forefront of modern art and copy writer/creative director Mariko Ogata who’s work includes LUMINE’s seasonal visuals.

1st Prize:
Yusuke Sugisawa “Memory is despair and hope”

2nd Prize:
Sou Yamauchi “1/f fluctuation”

Mary Fujii “Cannot kill by parring”

Nae Sasaki “about a kettle (Dharmacolobath)”

Areas of display
LUMINE Shinjuku (interior and windows), LUMINE EST Shinjuku (digital signs), NEWoMAN (Art wall)


In addition, guest artist Saya Kubota’s work was showcased through window displays and she conducted a live performance and explanation on her pieces. For the first time, LUMINE collaborated with artists such as Ricardo Gonzalez, Tomoko Fujii and Mugi Nakajima to create clothes and accessories sold within LUMINE Shinjuku.

Through the implementation of LUMINE meets ART AWARD, the company hopes to discover and support artists that customers will resonate with, while offering the opportunity to engage with and be enlighten by art on a daily basis.

1. Artwork by 1st Prize winner Yusuke Sugisawa
2. Artwork by 2nd Prize winner Sou Yamauchi
3. Artwork by LUMINE Award winner Mary Fujii
4. Artwork by runner-up Nae Sasaki
5. Artwork by runner-up YO-YO
6. The museum shop