Women who shine for our future #05

Niime Tamaki, Designer at “tamaki niime”

Exploring the key essence of craftsmanship and sharing knowledge with the world

Niime Tamaki is a popular designer that weaves soft one-of-a-kind shawls and clothing. She uses a traditional technique of Hyogo’s Nishiwaki City known as Banshu-ori, which colorfully weaves dyed yarn. Each piece is woven at low speed and then sewn and washed by hand, to create the soft texture and a delicacy that shows the designer’s attention to detail. “My goal is create softness. I will continue exploring the best fabrics and methods to achieve that softness, along with designs and pricing to match it.” Last year, on it’s 10th year anniversary, the company moved their lab to a land in Nishiwaki City that is known as ‘the navel of Japan’ and rich in nature. The move distanced them from the busy and often overloaded with information metropolitan area, creating an environment where they can focus on their craft. “We’ve recently tried growing organic cotton. I was moved by the process of cotton wool turning to yarn which made me really passionate.” Moving forward, the company will host workshops to share knowledge from their experiences, which is key to craftsmanship. “If we continue to follow the paths of the past, there are sure to be obstacles ahead of us. I believe it is important for us to fully utilize our minds and cultivate knowledge that will help us think of great ideas in any situation.”

To respond to the needs of customers who live in the now, LUMINE will continue working as a “Life Value Presenter” to support women who shine for our future.

Tamaki Niime was born 1978 in Fukui prefecture. In 2004, the designer launched her own brand “tamaki niime” in pursuit of exploring a new interpretation of the traditional Banshu-ori. In 2008, the brand opened it’s own shop in Nishiwaki City. http://niime.jp/

2. Inside of the lab can be seen through the expansive shop which carries over 2,600 items.
3. Shawls are washed and sun dried. A river runs nearby and mountains can be seen over the crops.
4. Unisex shawl for all ages “roots shawl wool” (middle) 10,800 yen.
5. Tops designed with an abundance of cloth “fuwa T short” 16,200 yen.
6. To preserve Tamaki’s passion for fine beauty, some looms are painted in white.

Text: Kaori Shimura
Photograph: Ittetsu Matsuoka