Women who shine for our future #04

Mieko Tashita, Kazenooka Farm

Organic Vegetable Farming Experiences for Farmers and Consumers

Mieko Tashita runs an organic farm with her husband in Ogawa-cho, Saitama Prefecture, a town known to be yuuki no sato (the home of organic). While studying food issues at University, Tashita says she felt that “a self-sufficient lifestyle is the shortcut to solving food problems.” In 1984, she married Ryuichi Tashita who shared the same vision, and together they moved to Ogawa-cho.

“Another reason we chose this lifestyle was because we get to work under the sun. A work style where you could care less if it was even raining, wasn’t for us.”

In addition to growing vegetables and expanding sales distribution, the couple currently offers farming experience events and has created a farm that is shared with LUMINE. Tashita believes that such initiatives are key to attracting consumers and creating a successful farm, as the nature of the land has made it difficult to produce other Ogawa-cho specialities.

“Ogawa-cho is a one-hour train ride from Tokyo and the perfect place to go to take a break from the busy city life. The experience of farming in the fields seems to be meaningful for those who come here, and for that we feel honored and even more driven to get the dirty work done. We hope to continue promoting the fun of farming to farmers and consumers together.”

To respond to the needs of customers who live in the now, LUMINE will continue working as a “Life Value Presenter” to support women who shine for our future.

Mieko Tashita - Born 1960 in Zushi City, Kanagawa. Tashita established Kazenooka Farm in 2008, which constantly grows 30 to 40 different produce on roughly 6.5 hectares of land. In addition to distributing to well-known restaurants and retail stores, they also offer support to new farmers.

2. Okra flower. The farm also distributes flowers from vegetables.
3. The farm grows potatoes of unique colors and other uncommon vegetables.
4. Tashita’s favorite scissors for harvesting.
5. Kazenooka Farm potatoes used to make the “Iberico Ham and Kazenooka Farm Four Potatoes pizza (1,944 yen/tax incl.)” at 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria.