Women who shine for our future #02

Mariko Ogata, Copywriter

A better quality of life through beautiful ads

Mariko Ogata, a copywriter at HAKUHODO, has received multiple awards for her ad campaigns for brands such as SHISEIDO and Tiffany & Co. She has an especially large following by females who can relate with the messages she creates for LUMINE’s seasonal visuals, which she has been a key part of for over 10 years. “Ads are messages to the public, and so there is an element of social responsibility to it. It should never be something forced onto the public, but rather an opportunity for positive communication between companies and consumers. That is what I aim for when I create copy and visuals.”

Ogata recalls that the Central Japan Railway’s “Souda Kyoto, ikou” poster she saw in her college days was one of the reasons Ogata chose her career path, as it made her think “how can something as beautiful as this be shown for free!” She uses the same kind of excitement to drive her creative process. “Ads placed around the city are a part of our daily experience. I believe that the quality of these ads leads to the quality of our everyday life. That is why I value the quality of the message as well as the visual, and hope that companys will value this too. It is said that the crime rate is lower in cities with less litter. It is nice to think that having fun, beautiful ads in our cities could be a positive influence on our daily lives.”

To respond to the needs of customers who live in the now, LUMINE will continue working as a “Life Value Presenter” to support women who shine for our future.

Mariko Ogata was born in 1978 in the city of Tokyo. She started her career at HAKUHODO in 2001 and currently works there as a creative director. She has gained recognition for her work as a copywriter, which includes “Watashirashiku wo atarashiku” for LUMINE and “Lovely ni ikiro♥” for SHISEIDO Integrate. In 2010, Ogata released a novel titled “Shichakushitsude omoidashitara honkinokoidato omou” published by Gentosha Inc. Her work also includes writing columns and lyrics. For two years since 2015, Ogata has been the editor-in-chief for HAKUHODO’s quarterly magazine “Koukoku”.

2. A memorable copy from over 10 years ago that Ogata decided on at the very last minute and presented in handwriting
3. LUMINE’s 2017 summer season ad campaign
4. An ad representing LUMINE’s future vision

Text: Kaori Shimura
Photograph: Ittetsu Matsuoka(Portrait, 1)