Women who shine for our future #01

Ayaka Furuhashi, Director of SHY FLOWER PROJECT

Creating ‘three pillars’ for better quality living by giving flowers a new life

Ayaka Furuhashi is a busy mother of two who works as a copywriter while also operating SHY FLOWER PROJECT, an organization that collects discarded flowers from wedding receptions and live events to beautifully preserve and reuse.

“At my previous job, I used to visited flower schools. On one occasion, I saw flowers that were still perfectly blooming, thrown in the trash. I was really shocked to see that, and that is what made me want to do this project.” The Project often works in collaboration with companies, such as co-hosting a workshop with LUMINE’s environmental project Choroko. It operates around the principal that ethical values shouldn’t have to be presented too seriously and that it is important to stay fresh and have fun. “That is why I still try to follow fads. I think of these thrown away flowers as pop stars that have lost their spark. I work to get them back in the spotlight!”, Furuhashi explains. She also believes that everyone should consider starting their own projects more casually. “When we have just work life and family life we tend to think only about our future, but when we add a social aspect we come to realize that the things we have learned can be applied to benefit other things too. With the three pillars of work, family and society, I hope we can all live life happier.”

To respond to the needs of customers who live in the now, LUMINE will continue working as a Life Value Presenter to support women who shine for our future.

Born in 1985 in the prefecture of Aichi, Ayaka Furuhashi works in advertising as a copywriter and strategic planner for TV commercials. In 2012, she launched the SHY FLOWER PROJECT “for all the flowers that can not call for help”, where she works as the Director. SHY FLOWER refers to discarded flowers. Most recently, the Project set up a photo booth at the Fuji Rock Festival 2017 NGO Village.

2. A SHY FLOWER PROJECT product designed by event planning member Yuka Sawabe (only sold temporarily).
3. A workshop to create candles which used dry flowers made with those that had been discarded. Participants selected their favorite flower to place in a container, where they then poured melted wax. The flowers used were collected from Project member NOBUKO’s wedding, as well as a Denki Groove concert venue.
4. The Project also collected flowers from NEWoMan Shinjuku’s opening celebration. Many people have voiced their appreciation for the preservation of such flowers.

Text: Kaori Shimura
Photograph: Ittetsu Matsuoka(Portrait, 2, 3)