Sports & Fitness at LUMINE “SPORTS IN THE CITY”

LUMINE offered the opportunity to enjoy sports and fitness without leaving the city, through its “SPORTS IN THE CITY” campaign held at all LUMINE locations. Healthy foods, sports, and a lifestyle focused on overall wellness has been a recent trend in Japan, all to stay both physically and mentally fit.

In hopes to make sports and fitness a part of daily lives, LUMINE hosted events such as a night run in the city of Shinjuku (LUMINE Shinjuku), yoga for self-reflection (LUMINE Yurakucho and LUMINE Ogikubo), and tai-chi to feel free to start (LUMINE Ogikubo). At the cultural exchange facility LUMINE 0, the company also produced “LUMINE meets FEEL CYCLE”, a spin class in a darkened room that is gaining popularity among women working in the city. The two-day event was held inside a space filled with music and 360-degree lights. It is uncommon for shopping centers in Japan to offer such fitness events, and it was a first for LUMINE.

The fitness event, based on the class that first took off in NY, had 380 spots to offer but received around 6,300 entry applicants. The participants who filled the space, shared a feeling of unity and fun experience. LUMINE will continue to offer special events and campaigns for customers to enjoy.

FEEL CYCLE is a spin class set in a darkened room, which achieved great popularity in NY before coming to Japan. The program is designed to burn an amazing 400 to 800 calories within the 45-minute class. The advanced lighting system along with a music playlist compiled mostly of the latest hits from the U.S. and U.K. charts, creates an uplifting atmosphere and a unifying experience. This popular fitness class is not to be missed!