Reduced opening hours to ‘transform the way we work’

LUMINE has made changes to the hours of operation for 12 locations, effective April 1. Although the reduced opening hours slightly differs depending on the location, floor and day of the week, most now close 30 minutes earlier. The 12 locations are NEWoMan, LUMINE Shinjuku, LUMINE EST, LUMINE Omiya, LUMINE Ikebukuro, LUMINE Yurakucho, LUMINE Tachikawa, LUMINE Yokohama, LUMINE Machida, LUMINE Ogikubo, LUMINE Fujisawa and Ofuna LUMINE WING.

Following LUMINE’s management philosophy "Creating Delight Beyond Your Expectations", the company has felt it necessary to lead the way in company policies and initiatives for their employees and sales staff. The core target of LUMINE’s businesses are women in their 20’s to 30’s, and 70% of the company’s employees are women as well. Considering that the majority of sales staff in each store are also women, the idea to improve the work environment for women came naturally and led to various initiatives.

As purchasing channels have diversified, LUMINE sees the interaction with sales staff as the largest incentive for consumers to purchase in-stores. For the company to further strengthen their competitive edge, enhancing the work quality of sales staff is indispensable.

LUMINE has continued their effort to improve employee satisfaction in hopes to achieve higher consumer satisfaction through doing so. Previous efforts include closing facilities on certain days and making enhancements to staff lounges and eating areas. The change in opening hours that took place this April is the final stage of their series of efforts.

These efforts came to life not only in response to the recent demand to transform the Japanese work style, but also with aims to increase loyalty and motivation through work environment enhancements, especially during these tough times for retaining good employees. With shorter work hours, the company hopes store sales staff will utilize their time to further personal development which will ideally lead to a boost in work motivation.

Sales for the month of April, the first month since implementing the new opening hours, are exceeding sales of the same month in the previous year. LUMINE will focus on adapting to the new changes while taking on actions such as hosting events to attract customers. The company will also look into the immediate effects of the new opening hours, and consider making more changes based on the status and types of businesses at each location.

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