NEWoMan’s 1st Anniversary Event

- A festival to celebrate the anonymous “NO NAME JACK” -

NEWoMan, the retail facility that opened last year under the concept of “New Experiences in a New City for New Woman”, marked its 1st year anniversary on Saturday, March 25, 2017. To commemorate this anniversary, NEWoMan will offer limited edition items from Saturday, March 18 to Sunday, April 30, as well as host a special festival themed “NO NAME JACK” over four consecutive weeks.

NEWoMan has themed the festival “NO NAME JACK”. The key message of the events 'New is Anonymous’ is a redefinition of the initial 'New person’ message from the opening of NEWoMan, and comes from the hope for anyone who walks into NEWoMan during this month to feel released from their titles and find a new aspect of themselves. By offering various events focused on the concept of New person=NEWoMan=NO NAME, we hope to promote a new message to the world, help create a new generation and continue to discover more ‘new’s.

NEWoMan’s 1st Anniversary Event
NEWoMan’s 1st anniversary event “NO NAME JACK” is about freeing people and things from their title or names and inviting them to take over NEWoMan. Individual themes are showcased throughout window displays and special events take place over the four consecutive weeks.

1st JACK “Guerrilla Performance” (Live Event) - Saturday, March 25, 2017
Concept: Free yourself from your name “HUMAN JACK”
Content: To ‘hijack’ people who have been freed from their everyday self, on the day that NEWoMan opened exactly one year ago. The guerrilla event is filled with unexpected excitement, such as store mannequins replaced with real people and these ‘mannequins’ who take part in fashion shows at certain times.

2nd JACK “Were the window displays taken over by phantom thieves?” - Saturday, April 1 - Friday, April 7, 2017
Concept: Enjoy a prank on this one day “APRIL FOOL JACK”
Content: If liars are the beginning of thieves, then the world is filled with thieves on April Fool’s Day. The week will be filled with unexpected incidents such as “Something that is always there isn’t!”, “The store window is broken?!” and “Did a phantom thieve take over the window display?!”. We hope you enjoy the window displays where NEWoMan’s valuables have gone missing.

3rd JACK “NEWoMan 1 Day School Opens” (Experience) - Saturday, April 8, 2017
Concept: To discover a new you “CULTURE JACK”
Content: A 1 Day School will experimentally open to create an environment where children and adults can learn together. On the day, different teachers are invited to conduct classes that are unlike the typical ‘draw and create’ workshops.

Last JACK “The Special Finale Event” (Experience) - Saturday, April 22, 2017
Concept: Witness a festival to celebrate the anonymous “NO NAME JACK LIVE”
Content: Those who were anonymous, those who believed in their paths and flourished are featured in a documentary story, which can be experienced through this event. The event offers the experience of both the anonymous days and the world after.