LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2016 - Winners to be Showcased

LUMINE will showcase the six pieces awarded the LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2016 throughout LUMINE locations including Shinjuku LUMINE, Shinjuku South Exit and Shinjuku LUMINE EST. The annual art award is open to the public and aims to discover and support young artists by exhibiting their art work throughout LUMINE facilities.

LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2016 received a total of 480 applicants in the four categories: Installation, Window, Elevator and Digital.

A video art piece by this year’s guest artist TYMOTE/CEKAI’s Kota Iguchi will also be featured on digital signages throughout LUMINE locations.

1st Prize
Harumi Ori “I am Here @ Lumine” (Window Category)

1st Prize
Eri Sumida “Hunters” (Installation Category)

Other winners
akatin “disco” (Window Category)
Miyu Teruya “Imaginary Landscape” (Elevator Category)
Mitsuru Ando “Algorithmic SANSUI” (Elevator Category)
Kanta Mochida “Meshi-junkan” (Digital Signage Category)

Guest Artist
Kota Iguchi (Head of TYMOTE/CEKAI) “Motion Textile_1sec”