New events, food and culture venue opens under Shinjuku’s Koshu Kaido

LUMINE has redeveloped the area underneath Shinjuku’s Koshu Kaido highway as part of Shinjuku City’s efforts in revitalizing the city. In addition to opening Potomak Co., Ltd,’s SANAGI Shinjuku food hall and event space, LUMINE designed Shinjuku City’s first tourist information center located across the street.

SANAGI Shinjuku
SANAGI Shinjuku is a new food hub and event space which also serves as a platform for next generation artists and creators.

Shinjuku Tourist Information Center
Shinjuku Tourist Information Center operated by the Shinjuku Convention and Tourist Bureau will offer event, food, shopping and accommodation information in the area, as well as convenience to tourists from abroad through their offering of multi-language services and WiFi.