LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2016 winners announced

LUMINE announced the winners of LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2016, an art award open to the public, aiming to discover and support young artists by exhibiting their art work throughout LUMINE facilities. The award ceremony took place at the Yoyogi Village in Yoyogi, Tokyo where winners were presented with their awards. The six winners included grand prize winner Harumi Ori for her work titled “I am Here @ Lumine”.

The panel of judges consisted of members active in both the domestic and overseas art scenes such as Tomio Koyama, a gallerist who works in the forefront of modern art and Mariko Ogata, a copywriter and creative director also responsible for LUMINE’s seasonal print Ads.

This year’s guest artist TYMOTE was also on the panel of judges. A video art piece by TYMOTE will be on display as digital signs around LUMINE buildings and Shinjuku station from January 2017.

LUMINE Shinjuku is also continuing its LUMINE meets ART: Elevator Art series. In hopes to promote art from around the world, this year the company has started selecting overseas artists. The second artist that has been chosen for display is New York based artist Yoon Hyup. Born in Seoul, Hyup is a global artist who has been involved in public art projects and collaborated with numerous global brands.

Yoon Hyup is a New York based artist, born and raised in Seoul, Korea. He captures images and sounds from urban surroundings that are filled with energy, to form lines that create his impromptu art. From gallery exhibitions, wall art and public art projects to collaborating with global brands - Nike, Jordan, Rag & Bone, Tommy Hilfiger and Facebook - Hyup actively selects opportunities to communicate with the public. He currently works globally, taking on projects not only in New York, but in cities like Hong Kong, Seoul, Bilbao (Spain) and San Sebastian (Spain) as well.

Photo Credit
3. Silence Before Lighting Strikes, 2016
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 48

4. SummerBreeze, 2016
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 48