NEWoMan introduces new art window displays

NEWoMan has launched new window displays that have been installed as a form of art.

Dates: Tuesday, September 13 - Tuesday, October 11
Directors: RCKT/Rocket Company
Creators: HYOTA

In addition, the location hosts weekly events such as sales events where brand designers come in-store to interact with customers.

The black and white world in the window displays, creates a serene hush in the bustling city of Shinjuku. The world of black and white is imagined with modern classic optical art and a mirror that reflects the image of by-passers. When one passes by, the black and white world in the mirror is suddenly filled with the colors of their own autumn/winter clothing. This creates a unique image hence a new design. Where by-passers once looked for displays and inspiration, is now a world that they are in and they are seen. The mirror, which is deeply connected to women and fashion, and the artistic black and white world combined together creates a perfect experience of something wonderfully strange.

Rocket Company
A creative production studio that overseas advertising, editing and production of magazines and books, event planning and execution, coordination of special events, and casting with a focus on fashion and culture.

A design studio led by creative director Hyota Nakamura. Their work includes prop-styling for Gucci’s watch collection ad (WWD) and interior styling for Herman Miller’s exhibition.