LUMINE revamps LUMINE Shinjuku 1’s B2 Floor food hall

LUMINE will revamp LUMINE Shinjuku 1’s B2 Floor food hall “Lumichika Food Depot” from September completing in November. The redesign is taking place under an “all day urban market” concept to create a food hall that is ‘always accessible’, ‘casual’ and ‘chic’. The floor will also match the big city of Shinjuku, with it’s stylish entrance and overall atmosphere.

The Pie Hole Los Angeles making their Japan debut, is one of the 7 dine-in options which are all trendy but casual enough to eat-in solo. Portland-based Camden’s Blue Star Donut, voted as one of the 10 best doughnut shops in the US, will be one of the 11 dessert shops for something to indulge in or take away as a gift. This will be Camden’s Blue Star Donut’s first location in the Shinjuku area. The Food Hall will have 24 shops in total, including four specialty stores such as Richu Hamada-ya, the authentic Japanese bakery that uses Japanese flour for their breads.