LUMINE supports and promotes Japan’s local communities, finest craftsmanship (monozukuri) and their products, through the company’s KOKO LUMINE project. As part of this initiative, KOKO LUMINE WEEK 2016 was held in LUMINE buildings and iLUMINE (LUMINE’s online shop) from Thursday, August 4 to Friday, August 26, 2016.

A unique sencha tea ceremony by Japanese tea artist Masayo Moki took place at NEWoMan, offering visitors a tea plantation experience as well as special tea leaves.

Shinjuku LUMINE EST exhibited special features such as a large-scale mountable origami crane ‘Nori-tsuru’ and origami cranes in a pool for fishing called ‘Tsuru-tsuri’.

LUMINE Yurakucho offered “A fun summer day at LUMINE Yurakucho - strolling around Yurakucho in yukatas”, an opportunity to enjoy Japanese attire with 1 day yukata rentals. The location also hosted an event by GETA SETTA JAPAN, promoting the geta ( wooden sandals ) culture.

Ice-cream and sweets by Tamagawa‐University were sold at LUMINE Machida, Ofuna LUMINE WING offered fruits and vegetables from Kumamoto and LUMINE Yokohama held “FUN! NIPPON FESTIVAL 2016”, an event to celebrate Japanese summers.

LUMINE’s official online shop iLUMINE offered new products from NEWoMan Eki Naka’s KOKO LUMINE store. The KOKO LUMINE store features Japan’s finest products and the latest items are perfect for the summer.

In hopes to enhance the potential of local areas as well as the momozukuri culture, LUMINE will continue to support and promote Japanese craftsmanship.