LUMINE collaborates with Tokyo University of the Arts for GEIDAI ARTS LUMINE 0

LUMINE hosted GEIDAI ARTS LUMINE 0 from Thursday, July 28 to Sunday, August 14, 2016. LUMINE 0 is the cultural exchange center in NEWoMan, the latest retail facility of Shinjuku’s New South area that opened this spring.

LUMINE 0, created under the concept “Japan Creative Terminal”, aims to introduce creatives of the world to Japan, as well as promote Japanese arts and designs globally. The collaboration with Tokyo University of the Arts, a university that has been the foundation of many global artists and continues to promote Japan’s art culture, offered a wide variety of events, including an ukiyoe exhibition, a Jazz live, ‘The dignified and delicate world of incense with music’ workshop and concerts.

In 1921, Boston’s wealthy William Stuart and John Taylor Spaulding brothers donated around 6,500 fine ukiyoe prints to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, under the conditions that the delicate prints would never be removed from nor exhibited in the galleries. Until recently, the prints had been preserved under these terms for over 80 years. The “Stylish ukiyoe touchable with the eyes” exhibition from Thursday, July 28 offered the world’s most colorful and beautifully preserved ukiyoe collection in various forms created by high-definition data. The highlights were the full-scale ‘Touchable high-definition ukiyoe prints’ (reproduction) created using patent technology by Tokyo University of the Arts, as well as ‘A magnified look into ukiyoe’ and ‘4K ukiyoe print animation’ which featured a detailed look into the beautiful prints.

LUMINE 0 will continue to fuel NEWoMan visitors with excitement with its wide range of offerings.