(This article was published in the WWD.COM on 12 May, 2016)

Lumine Co., LTD. opens new building at Shinjuku’s New South Exit: world’s busiest transit hub.

Shinjuku Station’s three million six hundred thousand visitors per day welcome a new tower over its new south exit comprising six floors of retail. Uniquely, the main floor operations live both inside and outside the train ticket gate area (described as EKI NAKA and EKI SOTO). Additionally, there are three retailing floors (plus a roof deck) directly above Shinjuku Station’s train tracks. Lumine has christened the ambitious new undertaking NEWoMan, a conjunction meant to inscribe Lumine’s progressive definition towards the modern woman’s notion of mall shopping in Japan.

NEWoMan is conceived as an immersive woman’s focused experiential platform. Beyond the several retail firsts for the Shinjuku neighborhood, tenancy spans from child day care centers, a woman’s health clinic with an attending pediatrics division, to a culture exchange center functioning as a multi –purpose event hall. When understood in its totality the offer at NEWoMan, has produced a paradigmatic shift within Japan’s retail landscape, expanding the definition of traditional shopping; through focusing on women and exceeding their common retail therapy needs; Lumine has created a dynamic environment that empowers today’s refined and culturally aware female urbanite.

Great focus has been given towards curating the retail tenancy within NEWoMan. Delineated within categories for fashion by floor; the first floor has been christened Entrance Market combining food, beauty, and fashion boutiques, followed by Mezzanine Two, named The Next Generation Boutique offering new lifestyle choices to those more familiar with specialty boutiques found at quaint side streets in cities throughout the world. The second floor is International, focusing on various metropolitan and luxury global retail concepts. New Basic/New Standard on the third floor provides fashion choices that are simple, high quality and timeless in any setting. Finally, rounding out the fashion floors, the fourth floor named, A New Life aims to goad visitors to unwind and shed their busy lives for a few relaxing moments and enrich themselves via spa, beauty, and health focused tenancies.

Visitors to NEWoMan will discover boutiques sourced both globally and locally introducing the authentic California boutique pizza restaurant 800 degrees as well as Rosemary’s, New York City’s popular café in the west village both who are opening their first locations in Japan. Further, from Belgium chef Coco owner of BbyB the Michelin star chocolatier will operate their first location in Shinjuku and from Singapore, Wharf the popular oyster bar opens their first location in the country.

NEWoMan also introduces a contemporary gift shop, KOKOLUMINE STORE, in support of local Japanese craftsmanship in the model of Monozukuri a philosophy roughly translated as a state of mind aiming to create perfection in one’s work. KOKOLUMINE STORE presents crafts scoured from all corners of the country serving to educate consumers on the strength and creativity of Japanese traditional manufacture and ingenuity. Each product featured has been sourced and vetted by Lumine’s staff for both its authenticity and quality of purpose and function.

Lumine has considered the immediate area outside their new tower as well with an initiative to create a sustainable neighborhood. Similar to other districts in Tokyo, Shinjuku does not have an abundance of green space. To address this issue Lumine has incorporated a larger environmental mandate concurrent to the launch of NEWoMan. Visitors will find more communal seating outside of the New South Exit of Shinjuku Station, were benches and curbside plantings are the beginnings of a programmatic strategy to beautify the entire neighborhood and thereby creating an offset and balance between the new structure and communal prosperity for the area residents at large.